Bronnie Ware
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Bronnie Ware



- The Sunday Times, UK

"It's spiritually wise, compassionate, hopeful, touching. Everyone should read it".
- Cygnus Review

"A compelling read".

"One of the most remarkable books of the year".
- Good Health


"Bronnie Ware: She's all Australian and a very talented Australian. And she's a very talented songwriter"                                                                                
- Artsound FM

"Bronnie Ware writes songs of the life she has experienced and the landscapes she has observed. Her style is a strange variation of styles, from alternate, to roots, from country to folk, and every now and then you can hear a hint of bush balladry. Bronnie's music can be strangely haunting and sometimes hypnotic, but mainly her music is unique."
- Country Update

"If a record can be an honest reflection of the person who made it, the debut album, Sun Showers, from singer/songwriter Bronnie Ware, shows one very gentle soul."
- Drum Media


"You put belief, courage, happiness and hope back into me. I walk away with a gift for my son that all the money in the world could never buy. A gift from my heart, a song."
-Sue, Inmate from a Women's Prison.

"I have found Bronnie's course to be well paced and easy to follow. The creative aspects to song writing that she takes you through are effective and inspirational."                                                                                            
- Alex, We Wise Women

"Since I have been in your class, I have seen the pain, sorry and choking emotion you have enabled many of us to express. For some, it is that inability to express their emotion or anger that has brought them here. Because of you, many of us have a new vehicle to release what is deep inside. My grandfather would be so proud of me. You have truly inspired me."
- Victoria, Inmate from a Women's Prison

"As an onlooker, it was fantastic to see the pride in the women as they performed their song. After, the women said to me how empowered they felt owning a piece of the song, with a little of each women's story in it, and then singing it out to the world. It was a fantastic opportunity and we would love to have Bronnie back to weave her magic".
-Vanessa, Outreach Worker, Penrith Women's Refuge and Resource Centre



"Lucid and simple daily life experiences written beautifully."
- T.    (Reader of Inspiration and Chai)

"I want you to know that in the Swedish Metro magazine, your website is
mentioned as one of the best home pages of 2010."
- H.   (Reader of Inspiration and Chai)

"Thank you for your inspiring stories and work. I really enjoy knowing
you are on the planet."
- R.   (Reader of Inspiration and Chai)

"Thank you Bronnie. I spent the past weekend reading your articles. I
cried, I laughed and some I read more than once...."Power of
Choice" and "Regrets of the Dying" really helped affirm my recent,
life changing, decisions.....Thank you."
- S.   (Reader of Inspiration and Chai)

"I would like to thank you for your article on compassion. I've been
struggling with myself for years.....But then I found your article
and it helped me breathe."
- T.   (Reader of Inspiration and Chai)

"I am deeply impressed by your wisdom and good faith in people."
- H.    (Reader of Inspiration and Chai)


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